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and police getting the word of a assault in a shower stall. good evening. it's tuesday, march 1th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7. a precool eacher under arrest tonight and facing felon charges for leaguedly putting a flunk a toddler's cup. >> reporter: police say these the kinds pills the suspects crushed and put in the toddler's cups. they fired the teacher on friday. but police weren't notified until yesterday. me is the kind of dad that
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keeps his three-year-old close. >> we went to about eight places both big places and smaller places trying to find what was best. >> reporter: now and -- he and other parents reevaluating after the arrest of one of the teacher. the teacher sits in jail. another employee told police he she poured a crushed substance into the kid's cups on friday. later admitted it was it the sleeping aid. >> you don't know if you're child's been affected or not. i think just all the questions and i'm not sure anybody can give you a real answer about it makes it more difficult. >> it's also difficult to dicks to tells us who they didn't get a call until three days after the incident. they're investigation would have been easier had they known misdemeanor we would have appreciate it. -- we certainly would have appreciated it.
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we could have on stained statements from witnesses that day. >> reporter: the academy released a statement. it reeds in part, mrs. gratts was terminated immediately and we are fully corporating with the authorities in this case. >> police don't think any children ingested it on friday but the sergeant says they are looking into whether this happened before and they're parents to come forward with any information. or the live in morgan hill. , channel 2 news. a meeting underway right now for parents and staff a pleasantton preschool stunned by allegations of a abuse by a teacher. 24-year-old ann yes la konkra. she allegedly used masking tape to restrain a two-year-old who didn't want to take a nap. one of the stap members who saw cell phone picture was the girl's mother. >> children are made of the
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image of god and deserve to be respected. this is an incident we are greatly grieve other. >> police are investigating only charges. police at the city college of san francisco are looking for a man why tack woman at locker room shower. officers posted fliers around the ocean campus today. authorities say someone hid inside the women's lockers room saturday afternoon. the man grabbed the woman from behind. she was able to fight off her attacker. they're eting up extra patrols and reviewing safety protocols. accuse od of kicking a toddler in golden get a park. police say 24-year-old sabrina belle kicked the little girl in the chest about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and threatened to kill other children. the toddler who was not quite two is recovering are. the child's family is visit the area for a wedding wed.
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firefighters say a worker hit a gas line. state working digging a sewrer line hit the gas line. the damages of home was limited to'ves and siding. continues coverage of the conclave. the catholic card also in headed into the sistine chapel today. but did not reach the two- thirds majority needed to select a new pope. but the cardinals will be back at the in just a few hours. >> reporter: black smoke pour from the chimney disappointing the thousands who packed st. peter's square in a cold win a to await for a new pope. earlier the cardinals held mass asking for god's wisdom and pope picking a new pope. then one by one they swore to the world and upon the bible
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never disclose what transpires behind the closed doors of sis teen chap. >> it's almost like a board of directors getting together. you don't put cameras in when the board of directors is making tough decisions. >> fox news contributor explained those electing a new pope faced major choices. among the favorite, the outpokennal of new york who would be the first american pope and the traditionalist and the art wish ship of milan. he would return to an italian. but experts predict a few puffs of black smoke before a newly nameed pope possibly later this week. >> lounge it does tyke a u.s. election. >> about two years. this is pretty quick. >> reporter: come day break the cardinals will meet for breakfast and more discussion
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and mass before they head over and start voting again. until 77 of them agree on who the next pope should be. details on the can clay's schedule. the cardinals will follow a strict daily ritual with two rounds of voting in the morning and two rounds in the afternoon. the decision of pope requires a two-thirds majority or 77 voteds. once that happens the public will be informed by white smoke from a chapel chimney and the ring of a bell. if no pope is chose bin saturday they will break for a -- by saturday they will break for a day. and many catholics see the church as cross roads current social issues posing a challenge of long held traditions and rituals. go to for updates.
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potential candidates can begin submitting paperwork tomorrow to fill the vac si of former santa clara super. clara -- supervisor. a special election listen june 4 nate gave initial approval last week. he says he plans to plead gelty when the place case goes court. the be e.g. budget battle heating up with president obama making first of three planned trips to the u.s. capital. the president attended a closed door meeting they plan to discuss. and meantime outlined their own budget today. the president plans to meet with house republicans tomorrow and has a third meeting with lawmakers at the capital thursday. wall street took a breeze we are stock trading contained to a narrow range.
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did manage a slight gain but nasdaq lost points. and google reveals a new vision. see who you had it it plans to narcotic' area too ahead. ed the u.s. department of labor says the number of job opening continues to increase. the u.s. gamed 2 million knew gnu jobs in the past year. the form ore of direct of california's public can department says people now voluntarying leaving outnumber unvoluntary firing. and smaller accomplishment say they've been getting calls from real estate agents inquiring about vacancies. it has them concerned about rising rented. the lower 24th street business association has gun to hold meeting. it's also enlisted some help from the mayor's office. opponents of a con do project
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are offering evidence of why it should be built. the proposal call farce 12 story complex across from the far i are building. a new city report races concerns about about the close approximate to a sewer project. >> it who -- it would be entitle close to the main it could damage it. >> they say they are aware of risk land address it. city voters will have their say on the november ballot. >> support the city college of san francisco is planning a protest. college officials have until friday to address deficiencies. rally organizing blame budget cuts. they want the state to restore funding and stop what it calls
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unjustified sanctions from the accrediting commission. the show went on for the san francisco symphony. musicians are threatening a strike this week. they say members of la symphony earn $75,000 more than the san francisco musician do every year. federal educate approved plan by beauing to ready sign the 747 dream leaner battery. the plan includes redesign of internal battery components to minimize the possibility of short circuiting. extense i have testing still needed before it can fly passengers again. it's been ground since january 16th because of the battery problems. the a by a area man in prison for more than a decade seeks out for the first time.
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>> and hired security to make sure homeless don't return. but they know that's not solution. >> and i'm back here in ten minutes. a little bit of coastal flog -- fog but we'll show you how warm it'll get in your neighborhood.
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a legal battle now underway over access to march it tin's beach. teated a lawsuit was filed that by block access the owner is violating the coastal act. now it'll be up to a judge to decide whether the owner may provide access. of the three men charged in the triple homicide pleaded not guilty to murder today.
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prosecutors continue the 9- slaying were a marijuana deal gone bad. they say 46-year-old mark kapello. they say he shotshot and killed two min. min -- men. new development on a satisfactory we first brought you yesterday. a man cleared in a crime he says he did not commitment. johnny williams who spoke for the first time about his newfound freedom after 14 years behind bars. >> he talks about the moment he found he was free. >> me men are not supposed to shed a stare. >> he served 14 years for a crime he didn't commit. it began in 1988. he was air forced and later convicted of raping a 9-year- old girl. he identified him as her
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attacker. but he harbors no resent meant. >> i kept telling myself don't do nothing stupid. andth truth should come out. the truth should come out. >> reporter: the truth did come out last year. thanks to santa clara northern california innocence project. a more thorough dna it test was done. williams not a match. man who committed crime is still out there. william was released from prison in jan but his name was initially cleared on friday. he no longer has it to wear anding an ankle bracelet. >> and wouldn't mind working for ups, the city out here p. >> reporter: he plans to follow the and slice kept him scene. >> read books, educate yourself and do right. >> reporter: he may be titled to $100 compensation for every
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day he was wrongly incarcerated. an oakland man suing the police department after he says he was mistakenly identified as one of the most wanted criminal. >> just want them to clear my name off the most wanted list and, you know, the most wanted fugitive. and which i am not. >> 37-year-old chough van says he tried for months with the help of and tern to fix the mistake. he had to move three times. he also says he can't find work. the city would not comment on the lawsuit. saying attorneys need it time to determine the facts. the judge in the deadly colorado movie theater shooting case entered not gill plea on behalf of the suspect today. members of the defense team said they're not ready it enter a plea. prosecutors say they'll announce whether they plan to
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seek the death funnel at hearing april 1 april 1st. and google glass. in a blog postthe they somehow show upped a prototype with precipitation frames available later this year. they plan to offer other frame styles as well. they let you instantly record video, even translate foreign languages. a san francisco policeman today received 20/10 to eye tight -- sight. until today he wore con contact lens but he was afraid they could pop out at a criminal moment. now with a corrective laser surgery. he now has 20 20/20 vision. if the past coupling hours city council members have passed a plan to address problems with the homeless. some say the plan calls short.
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>> the field's near san jose. have been cleared out. on a day when the city approved a plan to address homelessness, some people were annoyed to see security on and many to chemokeep homeless from returning. >> they're just moving people from one spot to another. >> reporter: it this evening they unanimously passed a plan. the plan emphasis a regional multiagencies approach to finding permanent affordable housing such as converting building. community groups said the city needs their expertise. >> there are really good infrastructure and relationships and a s that we have developed that we know work and the time is now to bring to scale. >> it could cast $27 million consider in the pipeline. and up to $200,000 for each new year unit. be the mayor pointed out the
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pointed out with homelessness already. >> we're already spending none around the homeless issue. we have to figure out how to get that that money and get them into how ising. >> reporter:. >> what is there job to get us in the housing and did not any follow up. >> reporter: that's one of the measures to be resolved finding money and resources will be big obstacles but city council members say now at least they have a game plan. ktvu, channel 2 news. trending now we have a slide show of the leading candidate for the next pope. you can see pictures and learn a little bit of those considered to have a credible shot. g to and click on the conclave tab. and nba hall of famer dennis robinson says he's going to back to south korea for vacation. he doesn't condone what the leader is doing but he's his friend. the leader recently threaten and nuclear attack on the
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united states. they hit it off last month when he visited north korea. and could silicon valley serve as the backdrop for a new sitcom? and the bay could see 80- degree temperatures tomorrow. chief meteorologist bill march it tin -- bill martin tells us how warm it'll get p. >> and get the app or go it what do you think of this one?
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now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ sign tests say that mars should longer be considered the red planet. the rover found grey rock. now these clay minerals that formed in a watery environment. nasa concludes there's more evidence it could have foreigned life form. and we cannot stop talking b at weather. >> it's going to be nice. today with had lots of mid-70s. the official national weather service highs. the hot spots were liver more valley area. we had lots of mid-70s.
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75 in liver moor. 76 in concord. a beautiful day. the jet stream taking everything over the top. there's no rain. i mean up into washington, and oregon they're getting snow and rain and parts of washington. but we're not. we're getting a little bit of coastal fog. but one thing to notice, see that little notch coming but there's a fog kind of getting notched out right here and that's because the winds are starting to kick off a little bit more off shore. today with he dense fog. you saw. well, the winds are now starting to scour away. i think they'll be dense fog again tomorrow morning but i think it'll be inside the bay. and that kind of footprint of the fog is indicative of the high pressure strengthening. typically things warm up. and that's where we go tomorrow. we're going to some low 80s tomorrow. they'll be plenty of 70s and plenty of low 80s. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week. remains warm. right through the end of the
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week. yellowsyellows or 7. oranges are 80s and there's a pocket down here. they're going to be little pockets of oranges they're beginning to be right at age. so the warming trend peaks tomorrow. today certainly warm. tomorrow it gets all the way up into the low 80s and then on thursday and friday, it drops down. but it doesn't plummet. it drops down into the mid-70s. so we're going to stay pretty warm. we peak tomorrow but so what? the next couple days are going to be real nice too. thank you very much time of year that's the kind of thing you get. a big warm up and big cool down. not happening this time. we're into what lookings like a spring like weather pattern. and numbers in the inland value lease 70s and low 80s. 75 in santa cruz. it there will be rain the
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middle of next week. there's your five day forecast. slightly cooler on thursday. and still in the mid-70s. thank you. palo alto could be the set of a new show. the production crews shot some driving scenes. we did speak to the director, mike judge. the man behind office space. you'll get his thoughts by tuning in tonight at 10:00 news thank you for trust aring the ktvu channel 2 news. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues at 10. keep in mind we're all here for you at and that tmv is up next on tv 36. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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